Completion of the Urban Requalification in the Surrounding Area of the Church and Rua Gonçalo Ériz, a work contract with the Municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha.

Arouconstroi, SA carried out the Urban Requalification project in the Surrounding Area of the Church and Rua Gonçalo Ériz, for the Municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha in partnership with the company Vitor Almeida e Filhos, SA, establishing a specific consortium for this purpose, which consisted in the division of the work so that each company carried out the work related to its areas of expertise.

This work consisted in the execution of new infrastructures in Rua Gonçalo Eriz, including the application of 1,120m of pipeline for the construction of a new rainwater drainage system and of 3,700m of pipeline for the execution of the electric network for lighting and public distribution, including 35 light fittings.

In this work contract, Arouconstroi, S.A, using Farcimar S.A. Prefabricated Concrete Solutions, executed an Upper Passage for the Vouga Railway line.

In the construction of this Work of Art, the load-bearing walls were built using the "Smart Wall" reinforced earth solution, 9.50m-length precast "I" beams were applied to the base, which supported the Beam Supports constructed "in situ". The shuttering slabs applied on the “I”-type beams enabled the safe and easy "in situ" framing and concreting of the compression blade and screens.

Several companies of the Farcimar Group took part in the Urban Requalification, and FTS supported the studies related to the Work of Art project, with Farcimar, SA being responsible for the manufacture and supply of the prefabricated solutions and Arouconstrói, SA was responsible for on-site assembly, in addition to the other areas of expertise.

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