September 17 2014


Farcimar provided a set of precast elements inserted in range “Non-Standard Products” for a work in the French market. This is located in Lormont, on the outskirts of Bordeaux and aims to build a student residence with a capacity of 101 rooms.

The precast concrete products of type structural panels and hoops of shading for windows, being geometrically complex, in accordance with the established requirements for architectural pieces, were produced by Farcimar, S. A. according to strictly defined, having obtained great finish and with great quality. […]

June 25 2014


Given the current paradigm, rehabilitation has become a reality in all sectors of construction. This type of interventions requires high levels of skills on the part of companies operating in these areas, so companies from Farcimar group in recent years, have come to specialize and equipped themselves with solutions and resources that enable them to make interventions in various areas of construction, including the upgrading / rehabilitation of Road and Rails infrastructure in particular works of art and drainage systems.

In this area numerous works standout as some rehabilitation works executed for Brisa Ascendi, Estradas de Portugal and some companies with surgical interventions in several important communication channels spread all over the country (Portugal). […]

June 25 2014


Arouconstroi, S.A. stands out increasingly as a reference company in the Portuguese market, in the application of geomembranes as a solution for sealing soils for environmental protection.

The experienced teams and the modern equipment howned, combined with the growing expecialization in the field of all tasks associated with the handling and application of screens HDPE techniques now allow the Arouconstroi, SA face any kind of work at very competitive conditions.
It was applied in the last year by Arouconstroi, SA approximately 200,000.00 m2 of HDPE Geomembrane in several works of which include:
– Repairing basin storm water treatment, the Via Infante de Sagres (Algarve);

– Improving the operation, management and efficiency of channel Montargil – Santa Justa;

– Landfill Santarém.


June 25 2014


The requalification of the Pacos de Ferreira Stadium is arguably one of the reference works of the companies of Farcimar group.

This work is in the specialization area of FARCIMAR, S.A. in the structural design and in implementation of precast solutions for stands. The intervention consisted in the implementation of a new building with stands, to north of the playing field and the broadening of the south bench.
The minimalist architecture, evident in this particular project, mainly in the north building, gives a strong impact in the surroundings of the stadium making this building “a big window” facing the center of Pacos Ferreira. This was another proof of the versatility of the bench solutions in precast concrete of Farcimar, S.A. […]

June 25 2014


With a shape inspired on a raindrop comes the raindrop bench, an element of simple stroke that part from a circle to give shape to a sleek and sophisticated design. […]

May 31 2014


Within our area of expertise in the design, execution, marketing and assembly of precast concrete panels, Farcimar Group have been involved in several works on the French market, where it is present since 2012. Among the different interventions, we can highlight the execution and assembly of suspended cladding panels in the reconstruction of a gymnasium after a fire in “Jouy Le Moutier” in the Paris Region and the execution (without assembly) of pigmented and textured structural panels installed in technical buildings along the section of the LGV (Ligne Grand Vitesse) line, between Tours and Bordeaux. […]