Within our area of expertise in the design, execution, marketing and assembly of precast concrete panels, Farcimar Group have been involved in several works on the French market, where it is present since 2012. Among the different interventions, we can highlight the execution and assembly of suspended cladding panels in the reconstruction of a gymnasium after a fire in “Jouy Le Moutier” in the Paris Region and the execution (without assembly) of pigmented and textured structural panels installed in technical buildings along the section of the LGV (Ligne Grand Vitesse) line, between Tours and Bordeaux.

In the worksite “Jouy Le Moutier” in the Paris Region, were required over 200 cladding panels, in a total of 1,300.00 m2 to rebuild a gym. The gray panels had only 0,08m thick and a wide range of geometric characteristics.

The diversity of panels produced required an increased accuracy in production not only by the diversity of geometric characteristics but also because they were suspended 0,15m from the ground and had an offset from the structural support wall of 0,12m, forcing the development of a lifting and fixing system, together with a Belgian specialized company.

The production and supply of precast elements was the responsibility of Farcimar, S.A. and the assembly was in charge of Arouconstrói, S.A.

The work in the Line of LGV (Ligne Grand Vitesse) between Tours and Bordeaux, will be the greatest work in progress in France. Farcimar, S.A. is providing pigmented and textured structural panels for GCC Aquitaine having COSEA as the company responsible for the coordination and supervision.

Farcimar S.A. designed and currently provides several structural panels pigmented in yellow “savane” with waving texture on the outside face. The architectural panels, in a total of 6.680,00 m2, will be installed in 35 buildings in a technical stretch with about 300km.

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